Posted on: March 20, 2008 8:27 pm

Dodgers Most Colorful

I would like to start this blog with some basic facts about the Los Angeles Dodgers that make them the most colorful MLB team in the history of baseball. What team has the distinction of breaking the color barrier (Jackie Robinson, 1947)? I could stop here and that would be enough, but I'll go on. What team has relocated its franchise from one coast to another? What is the team that hit into the only unassisted triple play in World Series history (who said that colorful had to mean only good news?)? What team is the only team also to lose the only perfect game in World Series history (to Don Larsen, 1956)? What team can legitimately make a case for having had the best left-handed pitcher in MLB history (Sandy Koufax)? What team also a colorful and diverse community in all directions from its ballpark? What team took almost forever to win its first World Series championship (1955, as an underdog), to the point that it became a slogan to say, "Wait until next year"? What team has arguably one of the most beautiful settings for a major league ballpark? What team swept the New York Yankees in the 1963 World Series? What team has had two pitchers with the record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched (first Don Drysdale, then his record was broken by Orel Hershiser)? That's enough for starters, but I'm only getting warmed up. If I make my complete case right now, no one will dare to participate because the comparison will make their team look so bad.<style id="jajah" type="text/css">span.jajahWrapper { font-size:1em; color:#B11196; text-decoration:underline; } a.jajahLink { color:#000000; text-decoration:none; } span.jajahInLink:hover { background-color:#B11196; }</style>
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